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ACTIVITY: Reducing Occupational Road Risk COMPANY: FM Conway
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Dartford
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1934 COMPANY TEL: 07748 632907
Professional driver recognition scheme

Having achieved BS EN ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System and FORS Gold, the company reviewed innovative ideas to further reduce occupational road risk.

Through discussions with drivers at the regularly held employee forums, the idea of a Professional Drivers Recognition Scheme was devised. It is aimed at rewarding good practice, providing the basis of a sound safety attitude and encouraging the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The award system is based on Bronze, Silver and Gold achievement.

Bronze is our minimum standard that must be achieved before a driver is permitted to progress his application for Silver; subsequently Silver must be achieved before they can progress to Gold.

The minimum standard to achieve Bronze is: -

• Completed a full FMC Induction including Driver Induction and Assessment
• Relevant qualifications have been checked and verified
• Attendance at an internal Customer Services training course
• Signed up to our automated driving license check
• Completed the Safer Urban Driving training course
• Hold a full Driver Qualification Card
• Not received any complaints from members of the public or site personnel.

If the above criterion is met, the driver may apply for Silver status. To achieve Silver status, the driver must have in the previous 3 months: -

• Received six Commended Service Cards
• Observed and reported one Near Miss Report per month
• Completed 3 no FORS online training modules complete with certification
• Received no Health and Safety or PPE issues
• No issues regards lorry walk round checks or completion of daily defecting
• Kept their vehicle clean and tidy, inside and out
• Received no Tachograph infringements

Gold status can be achieved by fulfilling the following requirements: -

• Attend 2 no workshops on health related topics from our health and wellness programme
• Record one near miss per week
• Obtain one commended service card per week
• Complete one Driver CPC course per annum
• Completed an internal SAFED driving course
• FORS online courses are still valid (to be renewed every 2 years)
• Retaken and completed the Safer Urban Driving on a 2 year basis

And finally to have evidenced an act of doing that little bit extra, by going the extra mile that has aided the company or employee or member of the public in association with their work activities on 3 separate occasions.

Currently the business has seen 51 Drivers who have achieved Silver status and with a further 3 driver currently looking to achieve their Gold Status. The remainder of the fleet are credited with Bronze which is circa 180 drivers.


• Helps to maintain an excellent reputation in occupational road risk
• Ensures vehicles are maintained to a high standard
• Changing attitudes to H&S and improving behavior
• Drivers keen to participate and upgrade their skills
• Development of the H&S culture within the organisation
• Improved reporting of near misses
• Ensures drivers are competent and the competencies are maintained
• A more efficient workforce
• Educating and improving the health and wellbeing of our drivers
• Improved relationships with clients, members of the public and others
• Reduction in occupational road risk for FM Conway and 3rd parties.


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