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LOCATION: Asphalt/Coating plant ARTICLE YEAR 2008
ACTIVITY: Maintenance & Housekeeping COMPANY: Aggregate Industries
SUB ACTIVITY: N/A COMPANY LOCATION: Halton East Works, North Yorkshire
BEST PRACTICE No: BP589 COMPANY TEL: 01756 709 219
Filter cage replacement tool
The dust collection system at this asphalt coating plant consists of hundreds of filter bags & wire cages, which require regular maintenance and replacement.

Replacing filter bags involves lifting filters from foot level. To dislodge the cages regularly proved physically difficult to remove due to contamination and heat distortion. Staff often commented on the risk of back strains during this arduous task.

Discussions took place and the maintenance team designed and built a simple tool for the job. The filter cage replacement tool now means the cages can be loosened and removed from a standing position with minimal effort, whilst the same tool is used to tamp down the replacements.

A recent filter change was completed in half the time, with positive feedback from the crew carrying out the task.
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