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Introduction to HAZOP Workshop - 28th February - Coventry

MPA Safer by Sharing in partnership with Eurobitume and the Institue for Asphalt Technology

The Introduction to HAZOP Course is a one day course intended to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of a HAZOP study.

Please view the flyer for more information and how to book.

MPACompetence and Training28/01/2018
Introduction to HAZOP – 1 Day Workshop

Safer & Healthier by Sharing

28 February 2018, Windmill Village Hotel, Coventry

Mineral Products Association in collaboration with Eurobitume and The Institute of Asphalt Technology

Introduction to HAZOP Workshop Overview

The Introduction to HAZOP Course is a one day course intended to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of a HAZOP study. As part of the Risk Analysis process detailed in international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) tools such as HAZard and OPerability (HAZOP) studies are used to identify potential undesirable events that could lead to hazardous scenarios or operability problems within a process.

Please read the flyer for more information about course and how to book.

MPACompetence and Training17/01/2018
Achieving Zero Harm - MPA initiatives to help the industry improve health and safety at work in 2018

MPA has pioneered a range of initiatives to help its members and others to improve health and safety at work. At the start of 2018, please review the summary and consider, if not already in place, whether they could be adopted in your organisation.

MPAAll Subjects08/01/2018
Wishing you a happy, healthy and safe Christmas - seasonal tips

Please read and share these seasonal health and safety tips, to help keep you, your colleagues and your family safe over Christmas.  

MPAAll Subjects18/12/2017
MPA security awareness briefing on industry vehicles as potential terrorist weapons

Please follow link to the advice being provided to the industry by the national security services. It outlines the nature of the threat and recommends some measures that can be taken to help minimise the opportunity for terrorists to steal/hi-jack a vehicle.

The industry has a particular vulnerability because the operations and deliveries undertaken can involve vehicles left with engines running both on and off site, making them especially vulnerable.

MPA commits to championing Mates in Mind initiative

The Mineral Products Association (MPA) has committed itself to raising the awareness of, and addressing the stigma of poor mental health and improving positive mental wellbeing in the UK mineral products supply chain that underpins construction. Through its new association with Mates in Mind, the MPA now has full access to a pioneering framework of resources, techniques and tools that will help its members to create more mentally healthy workplaces.  

The Mates in Mind model supports better workplace mental health by bringing together four key elements: 

  • Guidance and support: offering guidance on specific employee issues to creating stress management policies through to connecting the workforce to appropriate support at the right time. Mates in Mind supports companies that create and implement a mental health at work plan.
  • Awareness and education: helping to develop mental health awareness throughout the industry – from encouraging open conversation throughout the workforce to helping leaders and managers understand their roles in creating mentally healthy work environments.
  • Communication: helping to ensure the organization’s commitment to positive mental health and wellbeing remains visible and relevant. From targeted communication materials to supporting organizations in monitoring employee mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Research and development: developing industry-leading research to understand the nature and impact of mental health, and to ensure development of effective, robust and sustainable solutions.

Announcing the MPA’s decision to become a Mates in Mind business champion, Kevin Stevens, director for safety and health, said: ‘The stigma associated with mental health is a serious issue that will require a concerted and collaborative effort, making open discussion socially acceptable. The Mineral Products Association is delighted to be working with Mates in Mind partners and champions. More information will follow over the coming months but please take the opportunity to find out more by viewing the Mates in Mind website 

MPAOccupational Health20/11/2017
Site isolation procedures - self audit

Following a number of incidents over the last few months, MPA has produced a two page self-audit that will help operatives and managers to review isolation procedures.

The self-audit provides a simple and structured checklist to help you to quickly assess the isolation procedures at your work place. It also includes columns to add comments and identify who should be responsible for any action.

Please download the pdf and share with your colleagues as appropriate. 

Safe handling of bitumen

Watch the video produced by Nynas that highlights best practice in the industry.. Ideal for both managers and operatives. The video provides up-to-date and practical safety guidance on handling bitumen.

Safety is not an accident. Observe, think and act!

Please share with your colleagues.

View via the link in safequarry video



NynasBitumen, storage and delivery26/09/2017
MPA Midland Region Health and Safety Awareness Day


Location: Kevin Quarry, Ramshorn, Oakamoor, Staffordshire, ST10 3BX.

Date: WEDNESDAY - 17th MAY 2017

See flyer for more information


  • Personal Wellbeing – RCS Monitoring. Chest X-rays.
  • Live First Aid – Defibrillators & FPOS. (First Person On Scene)
  • Site Emergency Procedures – Rescue Services.
  • Workplace Transport – Working at Height, Reversing & Loading/Unloading.
  • Lone Working - Slips, Trips & Falls / Communications.
  • Plant Safety – Conveyor Entrapment
MPACompetence and Training11/05/2017
Working with Respirable Crystalline Silica

MPA members are committed to achieving Zero Harm; this target is applicable to both safety and health. There is a recognised health risk for those within our industry who are exposed to work-generated Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) particles. It is widely recognised that by applying correct controls, the health risks to all persons, both directly and indirectly employed, can be mitigated.

Members involved in the production of materials that contain crystalline silica in any form, which may be cut, crushed, milled or ground in the production processes (workplace generated dust) must take all actions as low as is reasonably practicable to protect their workforce from over exposure.

The end user should also consider in their risk assessment the hierarchy of control defined in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) when selecting the appropriate control measures to reduce the risk of exposure. This maybe in the form of local extraction and effective filtration, suppression of particles through fine wet mist applications or ultimately to supplement previous mentioned control measures with RPE to reduce levels further. 

The following guidance will assist members to decide on the appropriate methods of management and risk controls applicable to their own operations and risk profile.

MPASilica and dust31/03/2017
Healthier by Association Dust Audit

The Healthier by Association Audit gives the user the opportunity to conduct an in house systematic initial, ongoing and periodic review of their dust management systems.  

The Audit contains questions on the key principles identified in the MPA 'Working with Respirable Crystalline Silica' document: Thereby identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

On completion, a radar chart and action plan is produced to assist RCS Teams/Champions etc to set clear objectives (which should be reviewed on an annual basis). In doing so, this will demonstrate continuous improvement or maintenance of an acceptable level of compliance and reduction in exposure.

MPASilica and dust31/03/2017
Safer by Sharing Seminars 2017

Moving machinery kills or severely injures 800 people in the UK workplace every year. A particular concern is the number of incidents involving conveyors in the minerals industry. In the last four years alone, three workers have been killed whilst working on or around conveyors at MPA members’ sites.

MPA Safer by Sharing Seminars in 2017 will focus on providing advice on controlling the risks associated with moving machinery. Find out more about the dates, venues and details of programme. BOOK THE DATES IN YOUR DIARY NOW and please share with colleagues.

MPAPlant – fixed and mobile26/03/2017
Sharing health and safety resources helps us all work towards Zero Harm
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