Best Practice

LOCATION: Readymix or mortar plant ARTICLE YEAR 2004
ACTIVITY: Worker Involvement COMPANY: Hanson Aggregates
SUB ACTIVITY: N/A COMPANY LOCATION: Tams Loup Quarry, Lanarkshire
BEST PRACTICE No: BP136 COMPANY TEL: 0845 601 4466
Regional safety committee
Despite representing a wide geographical spread, a safety committee for Hanson Premix operations throughout north Wales and north west England is successfully generating and spreading good ideas, adopting best practice and communicating and explaining national policies.

The committee is driven by the supervisor of the Wrexham concrete plant and represents a wide range of disciplines – from batchers and hauliers to operations managers, salesmen, not forgetting contractors. The geographical spread of members makes the task of convening meetings and following up on action points more challenging than those committees which represent a single site. However, there are definite benefits. The meetings are hosted by individual representatives, allowing members to take a first-hand “fresh pair of eyes” look at sites which they would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

One initiative driven by the committee was to review nationwide policy regarding wearing shorts in a concrete plant. Another idea to emerge, which was adopted across the region, was to standardise and colour-code lock-off stations at every concrete plant, which brought major safety benefits for staff and contractors working at more than one site.

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