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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2015
ACTIVITY: Behavioural Safety management COMPANY: Breedon Aggregates Scotland
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Company wide
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1929 COMPANY TEL: 07919 221465
Behavioural safety training and cultural development

In 2012, Breedon Aggregates Scotland began looking at further ways to influence Health & Safety culture and behaviour. The business had adopted Visible Felt Leadership some years previously, and launched fundamental rules for the business to follow known as “Breedon Basics”. However, analysis found that over 90% of reported incidents were caused by ‘human factors’.

To address this issue and help facilitate further behavioural changes that would complement the Visible Felt Leadership process, Breedon reviewed other potential H&S initiatives. It wanted to demonstrate management’s commitment to improving safety and create a work environment where the workforce and management were looking out for each other.

This review lead to the innovative use of drama to get across key messages on behavioural safety. With management support, the idea was developed by the H&S Team and Macnaughton McGregor, a training company that specialised in drama based training techniques.

The resulting Health & Safety Roadshow visited all parts of the Scottish business in January 2013. The roadshow consisted of a facilitator and two actors to play the roles of the characters. Our theme for the presentation was Near Miss Reporting. This was extremely successful.

A second H&S Roadshow was run in January 2014. The theme was “The Willing Worker”. This scenario highlighted a worker taking risks and cutting corners for what he thought was good of the company. At several stages in the drama the actors engaged with the audience and ultimately the audience were able to influence the final outcome.

By engaging the audience in this way, the presentation had a lasting impression on the attendees making them question their own behavioural decisions.

In January 2015, a 3rd series of Health & Safety roadshows was run. The theme for 2015 was about how behavioural decisions taken at the workplace can have a major impact on the individual’s home life.


• Significant changes in H&S KPI’s across business
• 70% reduction in LTIFR since behavioural sessions started
• Has helped change behaviours and attitude to H&S across business
• Has helped build common H&S ethos with employees of acquired companies
• Near Miss Reporting increased by 200% following roadshow
• Near miss reporting has stayed at a consistently at a high level
• Quarterly reports on near miss reporting sent to the home address of all employees
• Employees still talking about the roadshows many months after the event
• Filming roadshows has created valuable H&S resource for future
• Roadshows have helped to build a sustainable and interdependent H&S culture


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