Best Practice

LOCATION: Construction/delivery site ARTICLE YEAR 2015
ACTIVITY: Transport / Delivery COMPANY: CEMEX
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1933 COMPANY TEL: 07900 165 882
Tipper rollover prevention campaign

CEMEX historically have experienced 1to 2 tipper vehicle rollovers every year during the delivery of products. During 2013, this increased to 4 rollovers, primarily articulated vehicles.

CEMEX wanted to understand if this was just a company issue or an industry problem and therefore approached the MPA to survey its members. The survey revealed that during a 3 year period there had been over 50 tipper rollovers just within the MPA membership.

A working party was set up within CEMEX, involving representatives from both logistics and the quarries. Following a detailed analysis of the incidents a range of contributing causes were identified and the team proposed a number of improvements:-

• Training materials produced for drivers, loaders and weighbridge staff to understand the problems and remedies for safe loading
• Leaflets and posters produced for drivers, loaders and customers. The customer leaflet highlights site conditions
• Cameras / mirrors on weighbridges so that the driver / weighbridge operator can check of the vehicle is evenly loaded
• Communication with drivers to advise that it is their choice if the site is safe to tip and CEMEX empowers them to make that decision and will back them if they say it is unsafe
• Safe tipping signs erected at all CEMEX sites advising of a 15 metre exclusion zone when vehicles tipping
• Every single CEMEX site audited / risk assessed to review tipping procedures and risks of rollovers
• Where risks cannot be managed during tipping, on the few sites where this cannot be achieved, the erection of tipping frames
• Results of the working party shared with QNJAC.
• Fitting inclanometers to all CEMEX Artics.

Please see toolbox talks for copy of PowerPoint, the video and resources sections of Safequarry to see the resources used to support the campaign.

• Industry better understands causes of roll overs
• Resources and guidelines widely shared with industry
• Incident of roll overs in CEMEX reduced
• Safer working environment for drivers
• Safer working environment for those on site
• Saving high cost of each roll over incident

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