Best Practice

LOCATION: Asphalt/Coating plant ARTICLE YEAR 2015
ACTIVITY: Production and Processing COMPANY: A.I.Epress Asphalt
SUB ACTIVITY: Asphalt & coated stone COMPANY LOCATION: Derby
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1945 COMPANY TEL: 07801 032413
Third skip rail safety system

Following a potentially life threatening incident at Derby Express Asphalt when a 4 tonne skip became dislodged whilst climbing up the track way to discharge its load, a thorough review was conducted. The purpose was to both eliminate the root cause of the incident and review if other potential engineering controls to prevent skip failure could be installed.

The solution was the installation of a 3rd rail through the centre of the track and goal post caging around the track way. The goal posts would prevent the skip falling in the event of de-railment. The design strengthens the trackway and minimises the risk of the tracks spreading causing a de-railment.


• New structure minimizes risk of injury or plant damage caused by skip de-railment
• Reduces risk of de-railment
• System has been adopted as best practice across the group
• A safer working environment for all
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