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LOCATION: Concrete products ARTICLE YEAR 2016
ACTIVITY: Maintenance & Housekeeping COMPANY: Brett Group
SUB ACTIVITY: N/A COMPANY LOCATION: Brett Landscaping and Building Products Ltd
Mould carrier casing re-design


BLBP Cliffe produces concrete block pavers at 3 factories using Rekers block making machines. The mould carriers and tamper head are guided by 4 vertical poles The poles are 2.5m long, each weigh 117kg and are held in casings that weighs 350kg.  These poles wear significantly at one end and, after a pre-defined number of cycles, must be changed.

The original casing design was a single element. To remove the poles required the complete assembly weighing 584kg to be removed.  This was a time consuming job, undertaken in a space with limited access and headroom. A crane and a telehandler were required to lift and support the assembly whilst 3 fitters manually re-positioned the unwieldy assembly 2 or 3 times before it could be removed. This task took several hours to complete. The extracted assembly would be taken to the maintenance workshop to be spilt down to change the poles.

The maintenance team discussed with their machine supplier, Rekers GmBH, creating a design incorporating split mould carrier casings. The new design would allow each pole to be removed from the machine separately, without the need to remove the mould carrier. A proto-type was trialled on one machine and is now being retro fitted to the remaining block paving machines.


  • Weight being handled reduced from 584kg to 117Kg
  • Significant reduction in manual handling risks
  • Poles more easily manoeuvred in limited space
  • Only 2 fitters required and task completed in less time
  • Poles can now be reversed - doubling their serviceable life
  • Poles can be changed singularly rather than changed in pairs 
  • Collaborative approach to mitigate risk and improve efficiency
  • Revised design now being offered to other Reker’s customers. 
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Old assembley
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New split casings
pdf document available
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