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ACTIVITY: Training COMPANY: ODonovan Waste Disposal
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Reducing road risk for vulnerable road users


O’Donovan Waste Disposal makes reducing road risk an absolute priority. Through its work with CLOCS (Construction Logistics & Cyclist Safety) it champions safety.

Training is at the heart of O’Donovan’s strategy, it has one of the most robust induction schemes in the industry. With a diverse, multicultural workforce, the firm offers training and communications in a multi-lingual format.

Induction and training initiatives include:

  • Staff handbooks tailored to each individual’s role and language
  • 5 multi-language mentors in the business to support driver training
  • Load security training with assessments undertaken and reviewed
  • Fleet risk manager trains each recruit – (Uses FORS approved online hazard perception)
  • Staff trained to be health and safety champions across the business
  • Online training using multi-lingual modules is on-going
  • Monthly driver campaigns are run in partnership with the road safety charity BRAKE.

O’Donovan developed its own Driver CPC course ‘Waste Essentials’, which is JAUPT approved, this ensures that drivers are trained in the specifics of construction logistics. It is the first course designed and implemented by a waste management company and is delivered by the MD. All drivers undertake this course, as well as having NVQs in HGV driving. In addition, drivers must also undertake Safer Urban Driving courses and the new Staying Legal course

A fleet audit manager helps to ensure that the systems are being effectively implemented. The audit manager supports drivers in best practice checks, will ensure that documentation is correctly completed, defects are noted and rectified and can provide independent advice and legal guidance to drivers.

New Telematics monitoring equipment has been installed which captures driver behaviours such as accelerating, braking, cornering, speeding and idling in real-time via an online dashboard. The data from the system is used to identify areas where training is needed

The training is reinforced with a significant investment in technology and equipment, the fleet is best in class and sets the industry benchmark for managing occupational road risk. O’Donnovan has been retro-fitting the latest safety equipment including:

  1. Side-scan detection systems
  2. Side guards
  3. CCTV cameras including nearside front and rear facing cameras
  4. Fresnel lenses
  5. Class V and VI mirrors
  6. Cycle safety signage
  7. Left hand turn audible alarms


  • Events reduced by over 66%
  • Accidents down by 25% in 12 months
  • Performance recognised as outstanding by the company’s insurers
  • Company awarded FORS Gold in 4 successive years
  • A well trained and safer workforce
  • Risk to vulnerable road users significantly reduced
  • Employee recognition of total commitment to safety
  • SME providing leadership and a benchmark in improving safety 
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