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ACTIVITY: Contractor Safety COMPANY: Aggregate Industries
SUB ACTIVITY: Communications COMPANY LOCATION: Duntilland Quarry
Contractor safety board


At Aggregate Industries’ Duntilland Quarry, contractors are regularly used to carry out both regular and one off tasks. In both 2014 and 2015, a contractor sustained a LTI at the quarry.

These injuries occurred in spite of range of processes designed to ensure that contractors carried out tasks safely. Over 350 contractors had been through an induction that covered the items such as site rules, safe systems of work, risk assessments and competence of the contractor based on the task and activity being carried out by the contractor. Contractors’ activities are monitored by site management through frequent safety tours.

However, following the LTI’s, the management decided that a new approach was required. It was identified that sometimes the day to day information that contractors received was a bit ad hoc.

A small working group, involving management and operatives developed the concept of a Contractors Information Board. The idea was relatively simple and based around a large magnetic board with an aerial view of the quarry and a wipeable grid where additional information could be written. The board was located on the wall adjacent to where all personnel, contractors and employees, register their presence on site, ensuring that everyone would see it.

A contractor is allocated a coloured magnet and the magnet is attached to the aerial photograph to denote the contractors’ working location. On the blank grid the contractor’s company is written along with the task being carried out, and the number of contractors involved. There are also magnetic decals to indicate other activities that are being carried out by Aggregate Industries on site, e.g. blasting, secondary breaking

Additional information on the board included:

  • Blasting information
  • A daily risk predictor detailing activities on site for general information
  • Contractors injury man detailing the number of injuries and parts of the body injured
  • Information on incidents either on site or general safety alerts

Following a successful 2 week trial in December 2015 with positive feedback from contractors, the board was formally launched at a “Back to Work” safety day early January.


  • No injuries reported by contractors in initial 3 months
  • Currently management enter information, in future contractors will complete
  • Better awareness of activities by both employees and contractors
  • A safer environment for all.
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