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ACTIVITY: Training COMPANY: TJ Transport
SUB ACTIVITY: Communications COMPANY LOCATION: Charity Farm
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1991 COMPANY TEL: 07880 404100
Redefining the delivery of driver training with help of technology


TJ Transport decided to overhaul their approach to driver training. To help achieve this a new, driver induction program was formulated. This was supported with the launch of an online induction and training portal.

TJ Transport brought together their workforce of 123 drivers and delivered the brand-new training in a one day, face-to-face session. To ensure the induction could be re-delivered and referenced via the portal, all of the individual learning segments were filmed.

Features of the new portal are:

  1. Accessible to the whole company – every employee has a dedicated log-in
  2. Provides a consistent induction for new drivers
  3. Provides drivers with theory training on a range of topics
  4. Training can be carried out anytime, anywhere, according to driver preference
  5. Allows drivers the flexibility to build their own training timetable
  6. Once the driver has reviewed all the material and feels ready, they can complete the online TJ Transport Drivers Knowledge Assessment
  7. New drivers are paid a set fee for the time invested into successfully completing their induction
  8. Facilitates drivers induction into customers’protocols and procedures
  9. Future training dates are posted on the portal
  10. All users’ activity is recorded and reported to the compliance manager.

Overall, the online training portal enabled the TJ Transport driver training to be consistent, interactive and trackable. It improved the ease of delivery of inductions, both internal and external, for an increasingly mobile workforce whilst maintaining and enhancing objective compliance requirements.


  • A dramatic reduction in occupational road risk
  • Driver training hours increased from an average of 19 hours inJan 16 to 40 hours in Jan 17
  • Consistent and uniform understanding of procedures across the company
  • Tracking enables individual and tailored support to be provided to drivers
  • Reduction in penalty charge notices despite operating a 16% larger fleet
  • Reduction in number of accidents and small scrapes
  • Significant decrease in the number of minor vehicle safety defects
  • A paradigm shift in driver behaviour at TJ Transport
  • Drivers believe that company has their welfare as a priority.

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