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ACTIVITY: Pedestrian safety COMPANY: Hanson UK
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Needingworth Quarry
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1996 COMPANY TEL: 07773 313194
Mobile pedestrian safety zones


Hanson’s Needingworth Quarry wanted to improve pedestrian access with the aim of providing safe routes to link all the buildings on-site. One of the main challenges was to create safety zones for pedestrians in and around areas with traffic. The solution was arrived at through a process in which all the employees were actively engaged, primarily through the safety committee.

The solution was to create a mobile safety zone which could be moved as the pedestrian routes developed. Experience showed that once a route was created it had to be tested, this would frequently reveal issues that required the route to be revised.

Changes would also be required as the quarry evolved and different areas were worked.

Safety pods were created that could be moved around the site by a telehandler. A pedestrian could navigate between the pods, knowing that they were always safe once in the pod.

The development of the pedestrian routes was a site team 'journey' involving everyone on-site. Once the routes had been developed the safety zones were positioned with the use of flags to try to make them more visible to vehicles.

Finally, during winter, the idea of fitting lights was also incorporated into the design. Lighting towers were installed with solar powered LED lights activated by a PIR sensor. As a pedestrian enters the zone, the lights are activated.


  • Reduced risk of pedestrian being involved in collision
  • Provide zone in which pedestrian can safely plan their next movements
  • System allows pedestrian routes to easily change as a quarry develops
  • Flags and lights serve as a guide for pedestrians to the safety zone
  • Lights further minimize the potential for slips trips and falls
  • Flags and lights provide visual warning to vehicles that pedestrians are in the area
  • All employees involved in design process
  • System can be easily adapted for use on other sites.
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