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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2017
SUB ACTIVITY: Health and well-being COMPANY LOCATION: Nationwide
Health and wellbeing


CEMEX has been raising the profile of health and wellbeing for a number of years with campaigns such as healthy heart and keep hydrated. However, it recognised that it is difficult to motivate an individual to live healthy and, with sickness absence rates at an all-time high, some further action was required. A workplace wellbeing expert was asked to partner CEMEX in the development and delivery of a programme to make the workplace 'health promoting'.

30 employees, drawn from various areas of the business, were recruited as wellbeing champions. These volunteers were asked to help cascade and promote material developed for the programme. They were provided training which included the use of a body composition analysis machine. This equipment takes all your ‘inside’measurements such as fat mass, bone mass, BMI and total body water. The machine is set up so the individual runs the tests themselves and the results are provided in a print out to them. The health check also included a self-test blood pressure monitor. The individuals were able to compare their results with a health range chart located by the machine. They were also given a selection of information sheets which highlighted what their results meant and how they could improve.

Initially, the equipment was hired and the wellbeing champions supported a ‘Know Your Numbers’ road show where the equipment toured the country from Scotland to the South Coast. 50% of employees were reached over a six week period.

Following the positive ‘word of mouth’ feedback from employees and internal promotion, requests came in from all areas of the business to take the tests. CEMEX purchased their own equipment to enable all employees to have the checks for the first time or to re-check their earlier results.

Whilst the results from the analysis were anonymous, the majority employees shared their results with each other. It created a high level of awareness particularly around the Basic Metabolic Age which became the most talked about item. This result is calculated by comparing your basic metabolic rate with average for your chronological age group. Quite a few employees were shocked by their results and pledged to show an improvement the next time the equipment came to site.


  • Improved health and wellbeing awareness across the business
  • Individuals voluntarily sharing and discussing health and wellbeing
  • Individuals provided with results that gave them the motivation for change
  • System in place that will enable individuals to monitor improvements
  • Identified individuals that needed medical advice for high blood pressure
  • Provided CEMEX with summary information
  • Champions helped to create employee buy-in
  • A healthier workforce.
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