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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2018
ACTIVITY: Behavioural Safety management COMPANY: EPC-UK Ltd
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Alfreton
Real Engagement


EPC-UK has a distributed workforce of nearly 250 people working across the UK.

Remote workers responsible for blasting and drilling can spend long periods on their own, while drivers ferrying hazardous materials up and down the country are often out early and late in difficult road conditions. These remote workers make up 50% of the EPC-UK workforce. Ensuring these workers did not feel

neglected or isolated was important for their health and wellbeing. EPC wanted to engage with them on a human level, not just a work level. The management of occupational ill-health risk is vital.

The company has committed to 'The Workplace Wellness Charter'.

This Charter is an evidence-based award scheme which is seen as a statement of intent, showing EPC-UK’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of its people. The charter allows EPC-UK to audit and benchmark its health and wellbeing results against an independent set of standards.

In 2017, EPC-UK launched its 'Commit to be Fit' initiative, this aimed to support all employees, especially the hard-to-reach remote workers both on a mental and physical level.

The nationwide programme included presentations from various experts in mental health and wellbeing. Nutrition and daily physical activity were two of the three focal points of the programme’s first year. However, the one that made the biggest

impression with employees was the focus on sleep. Dr Neil Stanley, an independent sleep consultant, toured all sites to explain how lack of good sleep affects us.

All employees were issued with a Garmin fitness activity tracker and given access to a Wellness Programme Portal, which aims to keep them engaged and motivated as they work towards a healthy, well-adjusted lifestyle. The Garmin package included the software and the portal, through which various voluntary challenges both locally and globally could be launched. An

example of a challenge is the 100-kilometre walk. This encouraged employees to take short 15 minutes walks whilst at work and achieve a 100km within a year.

The 'Commit to be Fit' initiative has been a huge success throughout the business with support from the MD downwards.


  • Improved health and wellbeing culture across business
  • 100% engagement from employees
  • High level of voluntary participation in challenges
  • Absenteeism is now less than 1.5%
  • The number of smokers reduced by 70%
  • Initiative has developed into family engagement for some
  • Use of technology helps supports engagement and relevance
  • A healthier and more balanced lifestyle for employees.
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