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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2019
ACTIVITY: Behavioural Safety management COMPANY: CEMEX UK
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: National
'Safety Savvy' roll out - RUNNER UP


In 2018, CEMEX UK was looking at ways to help every individual to become motivated about safety. The goal was for individuals to examine their behaviours in relation to safety, not just at work, but in all walks of life and recognise that safety is about ‘You’ wherever you are, whatever you do.

CEMEX UK developed its 'Safety Savvy' campaign and training based on a book by Andrew Sharman & Dr Tim Marsh - 'Safety Savvy'.

10 volunteers, from around the country, went on a week-long 'train the trainer' programme. Exploring the best methods of communicating difficult subjects with potentially severe consequences.

A dynamic half-day training course was designed to raise awareness of how our personal behaviour influences the health and safety culture in our business. It looked at:

  • How to reduce reliance on luck and stay safe all day, every day
  • The Organizational, Social and Personal factors that influence safety
  • Say Something! – the importance and impact of speaking up for safety
  • Living, Loving, Laughing & Giving – the four keys to personal wellbeing
  • Making it personal – your commitment to being Safety Savvy

The training is around a 4-hour safety discussion involving no more than 15 participants, this ensures a high level of participation from those involved. The participants are encouraged to tell stories about their own experiences and feeling, a very different approach to more traditionally based health and safety presentations than many participants were more familiar with. This approach helped participants to become very engaged.

The rollout of 'Safety Savvy' has taken place in 33 locations around the UK, reaching over 2,400 Cemex employees and contractors. Around 9,720 hours of safety savvy training has been completed across the UK. This will be an on-going programme.


  • 82% of the business has engaged with Safety Savvy
  • The 12th month rolling employee LTI frequency rate has reduced from 0.5 to 0.2
  • Total number of LTIs in the 12 months reduced from 7 to 2
  • Safety Savvy recognised as having made a significant positive effect.
  • Positive feedback from participants
  • Individuals have better understanding how they can affect an improvement in H&S
  • Individuals have more confidence to “say something” or intervene in relation to H&S
  • Demonstrates CEMEX’s commitment to H&S and the achievement of zero harm
  • Improved safety culture across the business.

The employee’s perception about the programme is summarised by this quote “A different approach really shakes things up, 'Safety Savvy' created a buzz and got people talking and thinking about safety”.

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