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LOCATION: Asphalt/Coating plant ARTICLE YEAR 2007
ACTIVITY: Manual handling and storage COMPANY: Aggregate Industries
SUB ACTIVITY: N/A COMPANY LOCATION: Halton East Works, Skipton, North Yorkshire
BEST PRACTICE No: BP455 COMPANY TEL: 01756 709 219
Additive handling system
Aggregate Industries undertook a review to improve the health and safety of operators when handling additives at their Halton East Works. The existing system exposed operators to high levels of dust, noise, heat, fumes and the repetitive manual handling of the additive packs.

Following a review of commercially available solutions, Aggregate Industries decided to develop an in-house solution based on a mini-silo to overcome these problems. This solution was considerably cheaper than the alternatives on the market.

The silo has greatly simplified the process of additive handling for the operators and considerably improved the work environment when undertaking this task. The silo can be mounted either on a wall or the floor and can be operated by its own controls or via the company computer. The silo can also be topped up whenever it is convenient.

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The new unit
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The Control System
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