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ACTIVITY: Production and Processing COMPANY: Tarmac
SUB ACTIVITY: Aggregate processing COMPANY LOCATION: Maxey Quarry, Peterborough
BEST PRACTICE No: BP468 COMPANY TEL: 07702 632 036
Transportable generator
At Maxey quarry, sand and gravel is extracted and delivered to the processing plant 1700m away using field conveyors. In order to extract the materials, a long reach excavator is used. This discharges into a mobile receiving hopper and wing line.

The wing is continually moved to take the next load of materials. The cable that is used to run this system has been affected by vandalism. Unfortunately, the practice of burying the cables has not deterred thieves from stealing the cable.

A solution has been obtained to solve both the problem of stolen cables and the manual handling work that was involved in moving the cables associated with the wing line conveyors, which because of its temporary nature was a continual task.

The way forward has been to use a 16KvA generator and to adapt the hopper. This removed the need for temporary cable routes and took away the manual handling of long pieces of cable associated with work on the wing line.

The generator is positioned on a frame and can be moved quickly and easily at the start and the end of each shift and overall has helped resolve the problem of stolen cables and reduced the manual handling.

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