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LOCATION: Concrete products ARTICLE YEAR 2008
ACTIVITY: Occupational Health COMPANY: Aggregate Industries UK
SUB ACTIVITY: N/A COMPANY LOCATION: Bardon Concrete, Lancashire
Panic alarm & remote emergency stop system
Three measures were taken to improve the safety of employees on site:

1. Remote panic alarm
This is a device to aid a lone worker who may suffer an injury on site and require assistance. The device is carried by workers and when the alarm’s button is held for five seconds it sends a signal to the plant office which triggers an alarm. If the alarm is not noted immediately the alarm starts to dial a series of pre-set phone numbers (of nominated employees) until someone answers. Whoever responds to the signal is informed of where the problem is and can deal with the situation accordingly.

2. Remote emergency stop system
This is a button that can also be found on the remote panic alarm and can be used to shut down the electrics on the plant if the worker is not near a site emergency stop button.

3. Horizontal alarm
This alarm is triggered if an employee is in a horizontal position for 15 seconds and alerts other site personnel that an employee could have fallen or lost consciousness. As with the other devices, a signal is sent to a receiver in the plant office, setting off an alarm to make pre-selected site personnel aware
of the problem. The alarm can be deactivated by an employee if they stand up vertically or by pressing the cancel button.

The device is about the size of a mobile phone and is attached to a holster worn by the employee. It is waterproof and robust enough so it can’t be damaged when working in challenging conditions. It has helped protect the workforce from several dangers.
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