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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2008
ACTIVITY: Worker Involvement COMPANY: Aggregate Industries
SUB ACTIVITY: N/A COMPANY LOCATION: High Road Offices, Carnforth
Daily Risk Prediction
Aggregate Industries introduced a wrap up board as a major initiative for developing inter-dependency and worker involvement within health and safety.

At the end of each working shift the team gathers around the board and discusses what could have been done more safely.

The Northern region felt that there was an opportunity to further develop this process and it was decided that a system of previewing the following day’s work and determining any high risk activities should be introduced in the wrap up meeting.

The workforce would determine the control measures required to ensure that they stayed safe during the forthcoming working day, the process worked as follows:

- During the wrap up and risk prediction process, consider what activities are taking place on the next working shift and what triggers may be in existence to affect the work you will be doing (low staffing, adverse weather etc);
- Determine the highest risk activities that will be carried out then implement the correct control measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable level;
- Share the findings of the risk prediction and the high risk activities;
- Post the site risk rating and the high risk activity sheet with the control measures on the wrap up and risk Prediction Board;
- Carry out the work as detailed in the risk prediction; and
- Retain the used Daily Risk Prediction sheet for future reference and discussion in the site safety meetings.

This process helps generate ownership for health and safety by the workforce. It promotes better communication and gives an opportunity for all employees and contractors to contribute to Health & Safety on a daily basis.

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