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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2014
ACTIVITY: Transport / Delivery COMPANY: Lafarge Tarmac
BEST PRACTICE No: BP912 COMPANY TEL: 077 1100 2756
The Switch Programme - mobile phones

Lafarge Tarmac‘s senior management set a target to eradicate the use of mobile phones in hands-free mode whilst driving. The new mobile phone standard was applied to all employees, employed drivers and contractors working on behalf of Lafarge Tarmac on 1 January 2014.

This standard was based on evidence which showed that the reaction times for drivers using a mobile phone are around 50% slower than normal and they are four times more likely to crash.

To help communicate and embed this standard across the business, a working group, represented by all parts of the operational business and functions, was established. The working group was sponsored by a member of the senior leadership team.

It created a campaign called The Switch Programme, to help engagement with employees. It had two key objectives

• To raise awareness of the Standard
• To provide support to employees so they can comply with it.

The latter included developing new ways of working to manage the operational challenges of implementing the standard. Teams across the whole business participated in a toolbox talk which had a particular emphasis on how to make changes to working practices, both individually and as a team, so as to be compliant with the standard. A variety of communications materials were developed to support the Switch Programme which included posters, articles in employee newsletters, an intranet discussion forum, branded promotional items, a New Year postcard reinforcing the Standard go-live and a competition for the best idea to help implementation.


• Reduced risk of employees or contractors being involved in driving accidents
• Inclusive campaign involving all levels of the company
• Employees encouraged to introduce this to their family and friends
• Sharing of best practice across company.
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