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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2015
ACTIVITY: Contractor Safety management COMPANY: Sibelco Europe
SUB ACTIVITY: Marine COMPANY LOCATION: Kingsteignton Operations
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1941 COMPANY TEL: 07718 097297
Hazard spotting assessment

Sibelco recognised the difficulty of ensuring that personnel visiting their sites were aware of safety requirements, had understood the safety inductions and had the ability to identify hazardous situations. The Sibelco Kingsteignton team felt that the traditional methods such as questions and answers were uninspiring and did not promote good quality discussions around health and safety.

Inspired by a “Spot the Difference” article, a team member suggested using a similar “Hazard Spotting” series of scenarios. Building on this concept, the team developed a series of industry specific scenarios which depicted potential workplace hazards.

Ten hazard spotting scenario exercises have already been developed and further are planned. They have proved an excellent means of testing the understanding a contractor or site visitor has of the hazards and controls which are applicable. The exercises offer a fun way to engage in a health and safety conversation. They overcome the reliance on the written word which eliminates the potential barriers of understanding due to language, reading and writing skills. Please see sample pdf of typical form.


• Exercises have been shared across the Sibelco UK and Europe
• Easy to transfer across sites and nationalities
• Used in local safety briefings and companywide induction
• Helped Sibelco engage further with its contractors

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