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LOCATION: Readymix or mortar plant ARTICLE YEAR 2015
ACTIVITY: Contractor Safety management COMPANY: CPI Euromix
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1942 COMPANY TEL: 07786 028841
Silo user passport

CPI Euromix has recently introduced a Silo User Passport scheme. This innovative scheme covers over 2,000 building sites across the UK and has helped secure the safety of more than 5,000 users.
Silo Mortar is now the industry standard for housebuilders and most commercial projects. The user of the machinery is required to operate and clean the machinery, and is required to be trained in the safe system of work. Contractors rely on CPI to deliver and certify this training so that they can prove the competence of their workforce.

Following a near fatal incident, an investigation highlighted that it was difficult to clearly demonstrate that the operative involved had been given appropriate instruction and training in the machinery he was operating. Due to the high mobility between sites of bricklayers, contractors find it difficult to keep adequate records of the training they have received. Consequently, many contractors allowed untrained operatives to use the machinery inspite of warning signage and CPI’s direct dialogue with the contractors about the associated risks.

CPI Euromix has now devised a simple and effective solution by pioneering a Trained User Card. Once training has been completed a Trained User Card is issued to the operative. He can then use this card to prove his competency as he moves from site to site, giving the main contractor confidence that he can prove the competency of his operatives at all times, simply by asking them to produce the card. The card is valid for a period of 24 months.
The card is a durable plastic card that fits in the wallet of the operative, making it easy for him to retain and then produce to the main contractor when needed.


• Eliminates need for paper certificates which are easily mislaid
• Allows main contractor to spot check the workforce at any time
• Card is being adopted as industry standard regardless of supplier
• Card becoming a Silo User Passport accepted across industry
• Consistent approach to training with supporting resources
• A safer working environment for all.

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