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LOCATION: Road transport ARTICLE YEAR 2018
ACTIVITY: Public safety management COMPANY: CEMEX UK
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Nationwide
Managing pedestrian risk


CEMEX launched a new safety campaign in January 2018 aimed at pedestrians – 'Don’t chance it . . . ' The campaign is designed to raise the awareness of pedestrians of the risks they may be exposing themselves to when in close proximity to or crossing in front of HGV’s. This builds on the success of CEMEX’s industry leading safety campaign to educate cyclists.

Part of the motivation for the campaign has been the involvement of CEMEX drivers in the fatality of three elderly pedestrians. These separate and tragic incidents all occurred within an 18 month period. While all three drivers were found to be non-culpable, it has been devastating for all concerned. In each case, the pedestrian killed had stepped out in front of the truck in slow moving traffic and had assumed the driver could see them.

The pedestrian campaign aims to educate vulnerable road users about the dangers around heavy goods vehicles such as the ‘blind spots' as well as highlighting key road safety messages.

Pedestrians account for a quarter of all fatalities on our roads. In London, the figure is a shocking 53%. Nearly a third of pedestrian fatalities involve 60+ year olds.

The problem is growing as the number of pedestrians being killed on UK roads is increasing, this may further accelerate as traffic levels increase. Whilst there are identifiable higher risk groups of vulnerable road users, anyone who walks is part of the audience for the campaign.

One of the challenges for CEMEX was to find a way to maximise the exposure of the safety message to a wide and diverse audience. With a fleet of approximately 900 CEMEX vehicles covering around 39 million miles every year, using the sides of these vehicles to promote the safety messages seemed an ideal opportunity to generate mass visibility to the public.

The 'Don’t chance it…..' message has been applied to some aggregate tippers in London and the North West, this application will continue in a rolling programme across the CEMEX fleet.

A simple logo featuring a truck and different ‘people’variants, representing the most at risk groups has been developed. The safety messages are reinforced using the logo, a road safety leaflet and a video. The leaflet and video highlight a number of road safety messages besides those directly related to heavy goods vehicles, such as always using a crossing, ensuring that you are visible and keep looking and listening.

As well highlighting the key message of 'Don’t chance it' to pedestrians, CEMEX is also providing drivers with specific training related to this group of vulnerable road users. Training drivers was also an integral part of the cycling campaign.

In addition to the campaign, CEMEX operates three low-entry cabs where the 90% increased visibility has a significant impact on its ability to keep all vulnerable road users safe.


  • Industry leading initiative
  • Helps educate and raise public awareness
  • Will facilitate further engagement by other stakeholders
  • Improves safety of CEMEX drivers
  • Visual demonstration of corporate responsibility
  • Safer environment for all
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