Incident alert

25/02/2014 18:01:36

Safety Alert Tipping Vehicles
United Kingdom

A recent sector survey identified that there had been a significant number of incidents resulting in ‘Tipper Vehicles’ overturning during the last 3 years, the outcome of these overturns can often result in fatal or serious injury.

A brief summary of the results are as follows;

• 50 tippers overturned in last 3 years
• 74% were artics
• 76% were Hired (non-franchisees)
• 48% at Company owned fixed locations
• 36% due to crossfall (single reason)
• 52% due to multiple reasons citing one or more of the following:-

o Soft ground
o High winds
o Uneven loading
o Mechanical failure; poor maintenance
o Driver error


It is a legal requirement and good industry practice for all companies to ensure that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out, which then should be subject to regular review.

Now is a good time to carry out or review your risk assessment for ‘Tipping Vehicles’

Below are three key areas (but not exhaustive) that should be considered during the risk assessment process.

Safe Site

• Are tipping areas level, firm and stable (the whole site must be able to hold the vehicle and load during tipping)?
• Clear of overhead obstructions (there must be no power cables or pipe work)
• Are tipping areas adequately signed and restricted to authorised persons only?
• When tipping more than one vehicle at a time are there other methods used to prevent overturning?
• Where sites allow more than one vehicle at a time to tip are there adequate exclusion zones of more than the maximum tipping height of vehicles (around both vehicles and clearly demarcated)?
• The vehicle should remain level at all times, even if it is driven forward during tipping?
• When tipping into a hopper, pit or trench, is there enough strength/space to prevent the vehicle overloading the edge?
• Wheel-stops must be used when possible to help position vehicles they must be large enough to let the driver know when to stop?
• Are regular checks made and overspill cleared from surfaces to keep tipping areas level?
• Are regular checks made of tipping areas/operations to ensure that rules are obeyed and safe practices are being followed?
• Where loads are tipped on third party sites are requests made for a copy of the risk assessment and site rules as part of the contract process?

Safe Driver

• Are drivers trained and competent to a recognised industry standard/Driver Skills Card?
• Have drivers received copies of safe loading and tipping procedures?
• Do visiting drivers report to the site manager for any relevant instructions before tipping?
• Do drivers check that their loads are evenly distributed across the vehicle before tipping?
• Are tailgates secured open before tipping, and removed completely when necessary?
• Are the drivers experienced enough to anticipate loads sticking?
• Are drivers aware what do when a load freezes/sticks? (If at any time there are signs of possible sideways toppling, the process should be stopped immediately and the body lowered)
• Are drivers aware articulated vehicles must be tipped with the cab and trailer in line?
• Do drivers always make sure that the body is completely empty, and drive no more than a few metres forward to make sure the load is clear?
• Are drivers under time pressure to tip loads?
• Can drivers identify and understand when there is a need to refuse to tip loads where there is an unacceptable risk? (are there procedures in place)

Safe Equipment

• Are you using the right vehicle for the product being transported and tipped?
• Are vehicles and trailers regularly maintained and inspected?
• Are checks carried out to ensure that the load is evenly distributed across the vehicle trailer?
• Identify what the maximum wind speeds vehicles can be tipped?
• Do drivers check rear trailer axle tyres for punctures prior to tipping?
• Are all trailer wheels deployed before tipping?
• Can tailgates be opened and secured safely?

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