INCIDENT TIME: Out of hours weekend/bank holiday DATE: 18/04/2012
COUNTY: West Yorkshire LOCATION: Urban
INCIDENT No: 00005  
Attempted vehicle theft
Some years ago a secondhand 8 wheel cement tanker was purchased for use in dust suppression on quarry haul roads. This vehicle was the subject of an attempted theft which we assume was for the scrap value of the aluminium tank. One Friday night / early Saturday morning in February 2012 thieves managed to breach site security arrangements which had been considered fit for purpose. The quarry site is large and has many access points. The routinely used accesses are protected by locked gates reinforced by purpose made concrete blocks placed by large capacity FLT, whilst the others are secured by locked gates reinforced by large boulders. Having started the vehicle the thieves made their getaway at a less commonly used quarry access where the stone boulders where not adjacent to the gate, but nearby where the access passes through a cutting (this arrangement was to allow a farmer to gain access to adjacent land undergoing restoration work). The thieves managed to pass the boulders by driving onto the banking and left the site driving the vehicle on a well used public highway heading towards the Pennines. A gearbox problem prevented them travelling more than 3 miles from the quarry where the vehicle was abandoned, to be discovered by a quarry employee on his way to work on the Saturday morning.
Police reaction was not of any great concern as the vehicle was discovered before the theft had been noticed.
None, but a collision on the highway would have been an interesting situation.
Such crimes are premeditated and would-be criminals have the time to plan their acts, whilst the rest of us might just think it will never happen to us. There is every chance that we undervalue our assets and equipment and may need to review our parking and plant disabling procedures.

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