INCIDENT TIME: Out of hours weekend/bank holiday DATE: 18/05/2012
COUNTY: Northamptonshire LOCATION: Urban
INCIDENT No: 00006  
Fuel Theft Vehicles and Bowser
Just before sundown on Sunday evening 3 thieves started emptying the fuel tanks of three of the four lorries on site into cans. No vehicle entered the site so it was by foot. The mobile security guard discovered them and called the police. They gave chase but failed to apprehend. 800 ltrs were successfully stolen from the bowser but the fuel from the lorries whilst decanted to drums was not taken. The local farmer reports that three men were spotted nearby the night before and in the process of surveying the site let loose his sheep. Naturally, he did nothing. Loss of earnings on 3 lorries one day whilst small holes were being repaired.
Police attended whilst theft was in operation and took items for forensic analysis and took the hammer and chisel used in the attack. It is suspected that the thieves were of the Travelling SMD fraternity though unconfirmed. Investigation on going.
No plant or vehicles movements or operations ongoing at the time. Hazards associated with handling of fuel in a non standard way only. Manual handling issues possibly.
Security stepped up. Always report incidents to the police - they might actually be interested. Incidents of fuel theft from lorries in Northamptonshire this year apparently number in the thousands - the police are give it real attention at the moment.

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